Be Strong – Haggai 2

The study of economics shows us how the changes in supply and demand affect price.  We’re living in an age where there is a shortage of truth and the price we pay spiritually is incalculable.  Three short messages conclude the prophecies of Haggai for the leaders and remnant in Jerusalem. We can all appreciate the contemporary message.  Double click the link below to hear Pastor teach through Haggai 2.

Be Strong

Purse With Holes – Haggai 1

We all seem to think that because of our religion God owes us something.  We live in an Entitlement Generation and many people are surprised that things don’t go their way because the Lord loves us too much to leave us to our own destructive ways. Click the link below to hear Pastor teach Haggai chapter 1.

Purse With Holes

Revealed Plans – Amos 3

The Lord has been clear in revealing HIs plans for all people, especially Israel.  Click the link below to heat Pastor Pat teach through Amos 3.

Revealed Plans

Not That Fast – Revelation 3:7-13

After returning from the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors’ conference on June 7th, Pastor Pat felt led to teach from the same passage that was taught there.  The sudden return of Christ should be a wake up call or our activities here while we wait should be on the front burner.  Click below to hear “Not That Fast.”

Not That Fast

The Lord Roars – Amos 1-2

Click the link below to listen to Pastor Pat teach through the introduction to Amos and Amos 1 and 2.

The Lord Roars

Restored Fortunes – Joel 3

Click on the “Restored Fortunes” below to hear Pastor Pat Nugent teach Joel chapter 3.

Restored Fortunes

Rend Your Heart – Joel 2

Click on “Rend Your Heart” below to listen to Pastor Pat Nugent teach Joel chapter 2.

Rend Your Heart

The New Ark – Exodus 1:8 – 2:10

Click the “The New Ark” link below to hear the Mother’s Day message by Pastor/Teacher Pat Nugent.

The New Ark

When a ruler is bent on evil, his followers will go to any and great extent to please him or her.  Satan is the “father of lies” and his followers are spiritually dead lemmings dutifully following out his demonic plot of destruction.


Pass It On – Joel 1

Click on the link below to hear Pastor Pat Nugent teaching through the first chapter of Joel.

Pass It On

Ransomed – Hosea 13 & 14

Click “Ransomed” below to listen to Pastor Pat Nugent teaching chapters 13 & 14 in the book of Hosea.