Weep No More – Isaiah 30-31

Click “Weep No More” below to hear Pastor Pat teach Isaiah 30-31.

Weep No More

Truth or Consequences – John 14:6

Click “Truth or Consequences” below to hear Claude Latham of Calvary Chapel Burney Falls teach a topical message centered on John 14:6.

Truth or Consequences

Lip Service – Isaiah 28-29

Click “Lip Service” Below to listen to Pastor Pat teach Isaiah 28 and 29.

Lip Service

The Righteous One – Isaiah 24-27

Click “The Righteous One” below to listen to Pastor Pat teach through Isaiah chapters 24-27: Tribulation, Exaltation, Resurrection and Restoration.

The Righteous One

Stop Look & Listen – Isaiah 21-23

Click “Stop Look & Listen” below to hear Pastor Pat Nugent teach through Isaiah chapters 21-23.

Stop Look & Listen

In That Day – Isaiah 17-20

Click “In That Day” below to hear Pastor/Teacher Pat Nugent teach Isaiah chapters 17-20.

In That Day 

Give Us Counsel – Isaiah 13-16

Click below to hear Pastor Pat Nugent teach through Isaiah 13-16.


The Branch – Isaiah 10:5-12:6

Pastor Pat teaches from Isaiah 10:5 through chapter 12:6.

The Branch

A Son Is Given – Isaiah 9:1-10:4

Pastor Pat teaches from Isaiah 9 to chapter 10 verse 4.

A Son Is Given

Ask For a Sign – Isaiah 7-8

Pastor Pat teaches through chapters 7-8 in the book of Isaiah.

Ask For a Sign